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Journey Equipment
Lightweight Inflatible sleeping mat
Motorcycle petrol stove
Expoedition down sleeping bag for motorcycling
ultralight tunnel tent UK
A self-inflating mattress is essential for comfort and insulation. UK based manufacturer Multimat make the best! I used a  Summit 25/38 mat that's a comfy 38mm thick at my torso, weighs just 895g and packs into a very compact fleece lined sack that doubles up as a pillowcase.
The Primus Omnifuel stove can run off virtually any fuel - LP Gas, naptha, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene - even aviation fuel. Designed to work well in the most demanding conditions; extreme altitudes and high or low temperatures. A real gem... uised on all my overland journeys and still going strong!
Phil Hutchins Designs make ultralight expedition equipment My PHD Triobag has three different configurations and three different temperature ratings. This innovative bag has a 1000 fill power down-filled middle layer sandwiched between the top and the bottom. This means you can sleep under the extra layer when cold or on top of it when it's warmer. The third option?  Whip it inside out and sleep under just the middle layer on balmy summer nights. This results is a comfortablke sleep at -5°C, +5°C or +15°C yet the bag weighs a mere 490g.

I’ve used Vango, or their high performance brand, Force Ten, tents on all my journeys as they are well made, light and relatively inexpensive. On this ride I’m using a Force Ten Helium 200. It’s a sturdy tunnel tent that’s very fast to erect, important if wild camping, has plenty of room for all my bags to be stored inside and has ventilating mesh at each end. Mine is an older version with carbon fibre poles which weighs just a smidge over 1KG but the company still offer 1 and 2 person versions today.
Contact : Force Ten website
Water filter for Africa trip
Tentmeals, tastiest dried camp food
Leatherman multitool for motorcycle travel
Robens camping stool
I've used a variety of expedition meals over the years and will be carrying a assortment of different manufacturer's products on the Nordkapp to Cape Town ride. However, my favourite by far comes from UK based Tentmeals. They produce a small range of high energy expedition foods designed for ultimate endurance and recovery, available in 500 and 800 kcal measures, Lightweight, healthy, simple to cook and very tasty, Tentmeals was founbded by an overland cyclist so has a great pedigree.
I've found Leatherman multi-purpose tools invaluable in the past. The  Leatherman Blast saw, scissors and bottle / can opener tools are ideal when camping. The file and needlenose pliers come in handy on my bike too. An essential piece of kit and always worth paying for the original and best.
Waterborne illnesses can range from the mildly irritating to the seriously dangerous. I use a Sawyer Mini water filter as a straw or attached to a Sawyer Squeeze pouch or standard threaded bottle. The heart of the Mini is a 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter that is guaranteed to last for 100,000 gallons. Furthermore, in hot climates it saves wasting endless plastic water bottles.
Great for sitting around camp in the evenings but equally as useful for sitting on when maintaining your motorcycle. The Robens Geographic Camping Stool can support an 120kg person but wieghs just 299g and packs down to virtually nothing.
Nordkapp To Cape Town 2019
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