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Journey Equipment
Classic motorcycle open face helmet
Halcyon leather goggles
Forcefield back protector
Sattelite emergency InReach
I have again entrusted my head protection to a Cromwell Spitfire. Made in Italy, these beautiful helmets are light, comfortable and exceed the latest EU standards. Sadly no longer available, mine was supplied by Barry Vincent, who is a regular sight at major UK motorcycle shows where he sells his other well-known line, Vac-Bag, which I also highly recommend.
I’ve been riding with  Halcyon goggles for over 25 years; they are comfortable and allow great peripheral vision. In my opinion, the style of their split lens goggle compliments a classic bike perfectly. I usually wear MK9 goggles but for this trip I treated myself to a pair of leather Compact MK49 Deluxe with tinted lenses as most of my riding will be done in bright sunshine.
Light and comfortable, Forcefield Body Armour offers high  energy absorption and is reusable after an impact. My last Forcefield back protector had over 60,000 miles on it so I upgraded to a new Pro L2K Dynamic Back Protector for the ride through Africa. It's soft, breathable and quickly moulded to the shape of my back. I find its vwide waist belt very good when riding off road too, as my torso feels very well supported. I never ride without it.
I carry an inReach satellite device from Garmin. With it I can stay in touch globally. I can send and receive text message from places outside of cellphone coverage and, if necessary, trigger an SOS to get emergency help from a 24/7 global monitoring center. Peace of mind when travelling in remote regions!
Nordkapp To Cape Town 2019
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